Your baby is most likely deaf

This was my entry in a recent contest that won a scholarship to the Inspired Authors Academy! This is a true story.

“Your baby is most likely deaf”. These words reverberated through my heart and soul. It was agonizing to hear. As I processed this information, my eyes filled with tears. My newborn son was born with a blonde patch in his otherwise brown hair. The doctor continued with the facts that this was indicative of “Waardenburg Syndrome” and associated with deafness. He had discovered the hearing loss through an accidental door slam at which my newborn did not flinch or respond.

As our family let the facts of this situation sink in, we called on our pastor for prayer. Circled around our living room, we all joined hands to pray. It was then that peace flooded my young mommy’s concerned heart. For several days we jangled keys, banged pots and slammed doors, with no response from my infant. I began to realize that my baby was indeed deaf. As a new Christian, I had not been aware that God still did the miraculous. However, in search for an answer, I began watching healing’s and miracles on television and discovered that such things still happen in this day and age!

One day, a few weeks later, as I stood over my baby’s bassinet, the expression of my heart came out in a whisper, “God, Kristopher will never hear the wind blow, or hear the birds sing”. As I uttered these words, my baby turned his head and gazed at me. I knew at that instant he heard me, I was sure of it! It was later confirmed through hearing tests.

God put a dream in my heart to write in 1980. It was after this happening that I wanted to tell the world of the miraculous thing God had done! This is only one story. I have many more to tell! And they will be forthcoming!

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