A Healing Testimony

I was in an accident at Mt. Hood in Oregon. We had taken our youth group and were riding inner tubes down a steep slope. Someone got the idea that we could go faster if we hooked up together. I was in the front of ten tubes, all of us connected by holding each others legs. My 12 year old son was on my lap. It felt like we were going 70 miles an hour as the momentum from all the tubes pushed us. Usually you would get to the bottom of the hill and come to a stop. But we were going so fast that at the bottom we went sailing up in the air about 10 feet and then slamed down onto hard packed snow on the top of a second hill, my son on top of me. I could not move my feet and felt severe pain in my back. Paramedics came and loaded me into an ambulance. Pain and fear gripped me as I was told I was bleeding internally, had most likely broken my back and was paralyzed and could die if I didn’t get life flighted (which I was refusing). I refused any pain medicine as I wanted to be in control of what was happening. Gods word came floating up to my mind and I actually chuckled inside, for I knew God was not done with me. I told them to take me on the ground as complete calmness and peace came over me on the ambulance drive to the hospital. Scripture after scripture (Ex 15:26, Ex 23:25-26, Deut. 7:15, Psalm 103:1-5, Psalm 91:9-10, Is. 41:10, 1 Peter 2:24 , Psalm 107:20, Matt 8:17) came floating up to my mind. At one point I was asking God, “If I could only touch my husband and get him to agree with me that my back was not broken.” (Matt. 18:19). All of a sudden the ambulance pulled over and they switched me to another ambulance. At that moment my husband, who had been following behind, was standing there. We grasped hands and I said, “Agree with me, my back isn’t broken!” (Matt. 18:19) And off I went in the second ambulance. The intense pain in my back subsided during this second ride, just kind of lifted off of me, is the only way to describe it. When we got to the hospital X-rays of my complete back were taken. As the Doctor looked at my X-rays he asked if I had broken my back before. I said, no. He then told me that there was an old injury, healed over and that I would have back pain for the rest of my life and wouldn’t be walking for two months. My response to that was, I would be walking in two weeks and I would not have back pain for the rest of my life. I got exactly what I said! This was in 1991 and within two weeks I was up and walking and have never had back pain. Glory to God!!

If you need healing today, I want to encourage you to look up the above scriptures. Gods Word is health and healing to all your flesh (Proverbs 4:20-22). Believe it, Receive it, Confess it and you will get the results you are believing for.

2 thoughts on “A Healing Testimony

  1. As a member of Pastor Rebecca’s church body, I have heard this testimony of God’s intervention of miraculous healing in her life many times, and in each recount, I am encouraged, as it stirs my faith in Christ. God cares for us so much, wants us whole and will answer our hearts cry as we trust Him. Thank you, Pastor Rebecca for continually sharing the good news of the goodness of God, and keep writing!

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